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An American Isaacs....

Back in January of 2005, I was contacted by a chap by the name of Bill Pratt from the States who had just received his plans.  He had recently completed a Turner T-40 and was keen to crack on with his next project.

May 16 2005

By the end May, Bill had laminated both booms for the front spar.  He was in the progress of planing down the laminations and tapering the booms.  He had intercostal blocks already made, and completed the main ribs and was adding the gussets (lots!) to them. 

Rear spar being built

12 July 2005
Bill's front and rear spars, plus a few of the wing ribs.

30 July 2005
By 30 July, Bill had completed both front and rear spars and all the wing ribs. He had also completed the landing gear sockets (not shown)

20 October 2005
Here's Bill's progress in the fall of 2005. The ribs are being joined to the spars, and the undercarriage sockets have been fitted to the front spar.

20 October 2005
A closer view of Bill's work on the undercarriage socket.

Wing coming together...
Bill's wing, with all ribs fitted - it's really starting to look like a Spitfire wing!

Bill should have skinned both upper and lower surfaces over the winter...